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Welcome to the Bulldog Root Beer website!

Looking for Bulldog Root Beer?
Here's how to find it...

1. Click on Retailers and see if there's one near you.
2. Call them to make sure they have it in stock, then go pick up a 6-pack. If not...
3. Click here to see if there is a Cost Plus near you. (They are our national retailer.)
4. Call the Cost Plus nearest you to make sure they have it in stock. If not...
5. Click on Wholesalers to see if there's one near you.
6. Call them and ask who they distribute to, then go pick up a 6-pack. If not...
7. Click on Retailers, and skim down to the bottom of the page for Online Sales.

Still having a hard time getting your hands on some Bulldog Root Beer? Then click here for ways to contact Cost Plus World Market, and tell them that you are waiting for the next Bulldog Root Beer delivery!
Are ya thirsty yet? Cost Plus World Market
It's worth the extra effort!

We've been offering our premium root beer since 1997. It took us 9 test batches to develop the recipe because we're fanatical about great taste. We think our smooth honey vanilla root beer flavor will knock your socks off.

But don't take our word for it!

Read the Testimonials that fans of our root beer have sent to us, and Articles that have been written in newspapers and magazines, and be sure to read what independent Root Beer Reviewers are saying about Bulldog Root Beer.

If your town has a Bulldog mascot at one of the local schools, email us and tell us about the school so we can put your town first on our distribution wish-list!

Bulldog Root Beer Bottle

We think the American people deserve a better root beer, and we're planning to be that nationally-distributed alternative. You can help us!

Ask for Bulldog Root Beer wherever you go, and tell people about our website. With a groundswell of grass roots support and demand, your local retailer will ask his local wholesaler to supply him, and then your local wholesaler will order a truckload of Bulldog Root Beer from us.

Who says the little guy has no power? We think the consumer is king!

Most national brand root beers are made with highly processed high-fructose corn syrup. Many include a bit of the original, more natural (and more expensive) ingredient, granulated cane sugar, but Bulldog Root Beer uses no corn syrup at all. Only cane sugar for sweetness, honey for flavor and aroma, and maltodextrin for body and mouth feel. Click here to read about Root Beer History.

Thanks for your support !

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