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About Us

Bulldog Root Beer is different from other national brands of root beer. Here's why:

First, we use only the best ingredients, which means the most expensive ingredients. For example, we use real cane sugar instead of corn syrup, and we use pure vanilla extract instead of artificial vanillin. Also, Bulldog Root Beer is actually brewed, which means it is cooked, just like in the old days. Brewing root beer is rare, but it develops certain flavors that you just can't get any other way.

We are perfectionists when it comes to root beer taste, and we spent two years developing nine test batches until we finally found the exact recipe we wanted to use.

Bulldog Root Beer is gently carbonated so that the delicate vanilla and honey flavors come through in the aroma. It is best served chilled without ice. Bulldog Root Beer is available at these fine Retailers.

The Bulldogs on the Label are named Barley and Hops. They are real bulldogs and live in Fresno, California. Barley is the male, and Hops is the female. They like to chew on bones and rawhide treats, and can fetch and play dead on command.

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Bulldog Root Beer