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One Stop Pop Shop - Article in the Beer Celebrator newspaper about the renaissance of microbrewed soda.

Ask Dr. Rootbeer (collector of old root beer advertising):

Root beer BBQ Sauce recipe:

Root Beer Cake recipes:


Root Beer Baked Beans recipe:

Root Beer Sherbert recipe:

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Steelhead Brewing Company - The best small brewpub chain, with locations in Irvine and Burlingame, California, and Eugene, Oregon. Makers of Steelhead Root Beer, available at the brewpubs and in Eugene.

Oregon Electric Station - The best restaurant in Eugene, Oregon, is inside of this beautifully restored train station. Dine in a train car!

Oregon Electric Station Catering - The quality of this fine restaurant is now available for your special event or wedding anywhere in Oregon.

The Blue Beet - Newport Beach, California's historic jazz joint. Blues, Jazz or Rock 'n Roll every night of the week. Great martini bar & food.

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