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Good News! Cost Plus just ordered another 350 cases for both their Eastern U.S., and Western U.S warehouses. Most Cost Plus World Market stores should have some Bulldog Root Beer in stock soon, with more to follow.

A big Thank You to everybody who wrote or called their local Cost Plus store to ask for Bulldog Root Beer. Your calls and letters made a big difference, and hopefully from now on, Cost Plus will keep Bulldog Root Beer in stock all the time.

Please tell your local beverage manager to make sure he/she orders some for you. If you need to call your local Cost Plus, you can find their phone numbers on this Cost Plus store locator link, http://www.worldmarket.com/custserv/store_locator.jsp.

Cost Plus World Market has a self-distribution warehouse in Stockton, California, and one in Windsor, Virginia.

The main suggestion I have (other than calling your local beverage managers), is that you write to the two distribution centers and tell them which Cost Plus you shop at (give the actual street address - found on this store locator - http://www.worldmarket.com/custserv/store_locator.jsp), and that you would love to buy a case (or whatever quantity) as soon as they can get some to that store. If your friends love Bulldog Root Beer too, have them send letters as well. This might get some attention and get your root beer there sooner. Here are the addresses:

Attention: Beverage Manager
Cost Plus World Market Distribution West
2201 W. Washington St.
Stockton, CA 95203

Attention: Beverage Manager
Cost Plus World Market Distribution East
Shirley Holland Industrial Park
Windsor, VA 23487

Also, you could try writing to "Beverage Manager" at their billing address, which is:

Cost Plus World Market
P.O. 23350
Oakland, CA 94623

Then, be sure to leave your name and phone number with the local Cost Plus World Market beverage manager, and ask him/her to please call you when the Bulldog Root Beer arrives.

With the groundswell of support we are seeing from root beer fans like you, you will soon be able to find Bulldog Root Beer at Cost Plus all the time! Best wishes and good luck!

Thanks for your support !

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